Dataset IGDS2

Basic Information

Accession IGDS2 Public
Title sardor-dataset-1
Description dataset created by sardor
Created date 2019-03-06
Last updated 2019-03-06
Registrant Incogwas Admin

Sample Information 20

Number of samples 20
Genotype file type PED (.ped)
Genotype pig.ped
Phenotype phenotypes.xlsx Age at 90kg (D90)
Back-fat thickness (BFT)
Feed conversion ratio (FCR)
Average daily gain (ADG)
Environment environments.xlsx

IGFA4 Humidity
IGFA3 Temperature
Parentage parentages.xlsx

Group Information

Group information
Group name No. of samples
default 20

Platform Information

Platform information
Accession  IGPL4
Title Pig 96 SNP chip
Number of loci 96
Technology type oligonucleotide beads
Distribution custom-commercial
Organism Sus scrofa (Pig)

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